Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snipper of the Week: Shannon Dohar

Welcome to Snipper of the Week. Every week, we profile a user with particularly interesting collections through a Q&A on what’s currently happening in their areas of interest. This week, we talk to Shannon Dohar of the New York Public Library about the best summer movies, HBO’s Girls and feminist laments

Name: Shannon Dohar

Occupation: Assistant to a VP at The New York Public Library.

Snipping Since: April, 2012

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I’m loving your collection “Live from New York, the Greatest City in the World.” What is New York’s hottest club? Kidding (kinda). But seriously, what do you think are the best things to do in New York this summer? 

A summer favorite for me is always the rooftop garden at the Met Museum. This summer they have sculptural glass structures called Cloud City, which you can walk through and even inside of. It’s visible from the ground, too, which adds a different dimension to the exhibition itself.   

If you really need a martini to help cool off, Red Rooster and its new adjacent lounge Ginny’s Supper Club is the place to be, not just in my neighborhood of Harlem but in Manhattan in general.  

Let’s move on to your “Movie Geekdom" collection. Which summer movies are you most excited for and why? 

It’s a stock answer but really, the Dark Knight Rises.  I’m so curious to see how Christopher Nolan continues when for me, there was so much story left between Batman and the Joker. And I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that I’m psyched for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. They got me with the whole Johnny Cash-narrated trailer. 

Who is your favorite actor working right now? 

He’s currently a TV actor, but I’m a huge fan of Robert Carlyle, who plays Rumpelstiltskin in Once Upon A Time.  His choices are extremely layered and sometimes unpredictable, which builds and gives you the distinct impression that he’s playing to a whole character that isn’t necessarily understood to the audience.  It helps that the format of the show is such that he is essentially playing two rolls, so he has a lot of room for interpretation.  

Favorite actress?

Probably Tilda Swinton - she’s fearless, funny, and completely out of the Hollywood fray. 

The Avengers: What did you think?

I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t seen it yet!  Though I really think Joss can’t go wrong.  

You have a collection titled “A Modern Feminist’s Lament.” What are you most lamenting right now?

I think that women right now are at a fascinating and important crossroads.  The classic “feminist movement” is in many ways getting a second wind, but it’s important to remember that feminism wasn’t “only” about the ability to be a career woman and make the same living wage as any man in the same job. It was also about the right for other women to decide to stay home if they wanted, or to ask their partners to do so. Freedom of choice and respect are the keys, either way. So I’d say the thing I most lament is that women on both sides of the fight keep finding reasons to hate each other rather than see the similarities in our experiences. 

There’s been much ink given to HBO’s Girls. What do you think Lena Dunham’s portrayal females and female relationships?

I’m loving Girls, it’s incredibly honest and somehow doesn’t seem like it’s trying too hard.  Lines of dialogue have sounded like they’ve literally jumped out of my cell phone, so that can’t be a bad thing. (Or can it??) 

What are your thoughts on all its diversity criticism?

It’s completely valid in some ways and completely missing the point in others. Is it a problem that there’s not more diversity in the show?  Yes.  Is it also an accurate representation of how 20 something females live — mostly in circles with similar socioeconomic and cultural voices?  Also yes. The problem isn’t that Girls doesn’t have enough diversity, it’s that very few people in their lives have enough diversity.  Not to mention the fact that one show isn’t responsible for representing an entire population equally. 

You snip a lot into “Politics 2012.” How do you think this general election will shake down? 

I think that us Obama supporters are in a good place, but we can’t be too confident  He’s been a solid and moderate president, and I’m certain that we as a country would be in good hands with him for another four years. But I am anxious about all the vitriolic hate that gets thrown in his direction under the guise of modern politics, because it is truly dangerous. He’s shown he can weather the most dramatic storms, but he needs work on the mid-level arguments, and that’s what I’m keeping my eye on.

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