Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Collections Instead of Tags

We’re often asked why we opted for snipping into collections, as opposed to using tags or keywords.

Three reasons:

1) Organization and Permanence

A lot of social media tools are great for quickly sharing content and headlines. Twitter, for example, can’t be beat for real time news. Our offices are in San Francisco, and when the building shakes, Twitter’s the first place we jump. But tweets are lost into the fray within minutes. In fact, shows the average half life of a tweet to be 5 minutes (Facebook is 70).

We created collections to allow you to share, organize, and save the best of what you read online. And while tags and keywords are great for search, they’re not so great at this type of organization and discovery. What’s more, collections allow you to showcase your multiple interests. So I can keep all my snips on entrepreneurship in one place that’s separate from all my snips about Egypt’s history

2) It’s a Better Way to Express Yourself

The types of articles, videos and images you collect say a lot about you. And the names you give your collections say even more. From “Movie Geekdom" to "Bucketlist" to "fi-sci,” collections are, in essence, mini blogs about what you’re into. If we replace collections with tags or keywords, we wouldn’t see nearly the same level of creativity and personal expression. 

3) We Wanted the “Follow” to Mean Something

We’re all suffering from a bit of “follow fatigue” — those “so and so’s following you on” don’t mean much anymore. 

Instead of this blanket-type following of people, we want our users to just follow the collections they’re interested in. We think that’s a more worthwhile connection. 

The long and short of it is this: We decided on collections to help you organize and save the best content, express yourself better, and connect more meaningfully your interests. So have fun collecting! 

-Ramy Adeeb, CEO and founder


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