Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snip.it Is Joining Forces with Yahoo!

We are excited to share some big news: Snip.it has been acquired by Yahoo!.

For the past year and a half, we’ve worked tirelessly as a team to build the best social news platform on the web. We’ve been absolutely blown away by the breadth, depth and quality of the content you guys share on Snip.it every day. You helped make it a treasure trove of unique content, and we cannot thank you enough for your contributions to the platform, as well as your valuable feedback on the product.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to bring Snip.it’s vision to a larger scale at Yahoo!. While we can’t share the specifics of what we’ll be building, we are excited about the opportunity to take social news to exciting, new heights at Yahoo!.  The Yahoo! team is passionate about inspiring and entertaining the world’s daily habits, and certainly sharing news and information is something we all do every day.  The vision and energy at the  company is contagious, and we’re so excited to be part of all that is to come.

As of today, we will no longer support snipping. However, we’ve built a few options for you to download and export all your snips. The download link will be available until February 21, 2013.


We’ve also created a Snip.it Hall of Fame, where we’re honoring some of the top contributors to the Snip.it community. We’ve included their Twitter handles so you can continue to stay connected and follow their insights.

We are so grateful for all of your support. We’d also like to thank our investors, family and friends. We wouldn’t be anywhere without your guidance.

Here’s to new adventures in 2013!


The Snip.it Team


Jouhan Allende, Will Dalton, Jen Pollock, Marc Nijdam, Ramy Adeeb, Mark Percival, Alaina Percival, Cedric Han, Sarah Caplener, and (not pictured) Francesco Carli.

Special thanks to our investors: Khosla Ventures, True Ventures, Charles River Ventures, SV Angel as well as Andy Rachleff, Emil Michael, Gary Clayton and Andy Krumel.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Now You Can Find Your Friends on Snip.it!

To find your friends on Snip.it, just head to our new Friends tab! There, you’ll see a list of your Facebook friends who are already collecting their favorite content on Snip.it. Just click “view” to see what they’re collecting and subscribed to. 

You can also invite friends to Snip.it from this page. So if you know someone who’s an avid online reader, just click “Invite” next to their name. They’ll get an invitation from you to join Snip.it to start collecting all the cool content they’re reading.

Happy Snipping (and inviting)!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introducing the New Snip.it

We’re inspired every day by the amazing content our users unearth and snip. From Art and Culture to Aviation to Entrepreneurship, Snip.it has become a go-to place to collect articles and videos, share interests and express your opinions. 

Over the last few months, we’ve had tremendous feedback from our community of Snippers. We’ve been listening. And today, we’re excited to introduce the all new Snip.it!  We’ve rebuilt things from the ground up to make it even easier to collect the best of the web — whether articles, images or videos. This new version of Snip.it has enhanced features around design, analytics, and mobility to create an even better platform for self-expression.   

Here’s what’s new:


Topics. Want to see what people are snipping about in Nutrition & Fitness or Education? Or San Francisco and New York? Now you can browse the site by topics, and subscribe to collections in any given category. Best of all, we’ll make recommendations for who and what to follow based on your interests, making discovery even more seamless.

Customize Your Collections. Your Snip.it collections are a place for you to showcase your interests and express yourself. Now you can customize your collections by changing the background color and the collection cover photo as often as you’d like. 

Souped Up Videos. Snip.it is about more than just articles, and we love all of the videos people are collecting (as well as some pretty outstanding music collections). Why not make those videos easier to watch? Press play on any video now, and it’ll pop out in a larger window for a seamless viewing experience.

Oh, and it’s crazy fast. We’ve rebuilt the site on a single-load page platform and employed some engineering wizardry to create lightening-fast load times. The result is a “flash-like” experience. Faster speed makes discovery and expression even more convenient. 


One thing we considered from the very beginning is making it easy to share snips on Twitter and Facebook as you add them. Now, you can see what kind of clicks they’re getting. Click on the new stats feature to find a whole host of insights on which snips are the most popular, and where your traffic is coming from. Click on other people’s stats to find their most popular snips and collections. 


We know lots of users like to use Snip.it on-the-go. Now you can keep up with what’s happening on Snip.it on mobile. Just head to snip.it on your phone’s browser to find all your subscriptions.  You can also snip on the mobile web by email or by adding snip.it/ ahead of the web address. Learn more

We hope you like the new Snip.it! We can’t wait to see what you collect.

The Snip.it Team

Monday, May 7, 2012

Add a “Snip It” Button to Your Website

Pssst…bloggers: You can now add a “Snip It” button to your website to let readers snip all your fabulous content. Get your hands on it in our (soon-to-be-added-to) Publisher’s Toolkit

It looks like this…

…and is designed to fit in with all of your other social media tools (like Twitter and Facebook).


The “Magic” URL

Greetings! Here’s some Monday magic. 

The “Magic” URL

Wanna snip from your iPad? Or from a computer that doesn’t have the Snip.it bookmarklet? Behold, some snipping magic! You can just type “snip.it” before any URL.  

Give it a whirl with this video.

Friday, March 23, 2012

You Can Now Share Your Snips on Reddit

We just rolled out more sharing options for your snips, including Reddit and Google+

You can find them right in between the resnip and star buttons on individual snips. Go to town!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Star Snips and Start Conversations

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added some new features that’ll make it easier for you to connect with fellow Snippers.


Like a snip? Give it a star. This will send an email to the Snipper, letting them know you’re into it. All your starred snips will live in the “Starred Snips” section of your profile for your reference and perusal. 


Have something to say? You can now leave comments on snips to start conversations around the topics and issues you care about.

Happy snipping! (And starring and commenting!)

Team Snip.it

Monday, February 27, 2012

Now You Can Add Snips To Your Facebook Timeline

Great news: You can now plot your snips on your Facebook Timeline. This is cool cause it automatically shares all the interesting stuff you’re snipping with your Facebook friends, and also allows you to look back at the evolution of your collections and snips over time. 

To add Snip.it to your Facebook Timeline, just click the Connect Now button on the left-hand side of the Snip.it homepage.

And you’re all set! Your snips will show up in real time on the Facebook ticker, and also be plotted in chronological order (by most recent) in a box on your Timeline. Like this…

If you’re not into sharing what you’re snipping on Facebook, you can always disable this option on your settings page. Like so…

Keep up the good snipping!

Team Snip.it